BCDCY is a registered charity.  All money received from fees goes directly back in to the company to employ the best practitioners and choreographers to work with the dancers.  No money is paid to manage the company.

Fundraising Gala:  In May 2011, the first influx of dancers wanting to join the company, took part in a special Dance Gala to raise money for the new company.  The Gala was the brainchild of Lena and Chris Scott (former Berkshire Youth Dance Company (BYDC) dancer) who was studying at London Contemporary Dance School.  The performance featured many groups with whom Lena and Chris had been involved and who wanted to support both the beginnings of BCDCY and also help Chris Scott fund his internship in Australia before going on to successfully audition for National Dance Company Wales.  The evening raised nearly £2,000, and helped Chris on his way and also helped establish BCDCY.

Berkshire Youth Dance Company (BYDC):  Many of the former youth dance company have been interested in working with the new company, and have taught and created on them, passing on their experience.  In 2012 BYDC kindly transferred £2,400 of it’s remaining funding to BCDCY to continue the high level training for the county’s dancers.  BCDCY wish to say a huge thank you to them for their continued support.